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well, the point is that Vector doesn’t do anything without sever. He rolls around sometimes pick up the cube, says your name when he see your face, that’s it. As soon you use any voice command has Vector to connect to server, for telling you weather, play a game, answer questions.

Cozmo is way more funny, he always make him self busy with his cubes (build a pyramid, make sport, put cubs on each other, getting angry if you build up a tower and destroys it, play sleeping game after Pyramid is done and always with those cute emotions and sounds). But he is running completely true the app which is annoying as you cant use your phone when you play with Cozmo

Like description of Emo sounds he is way more independent of server. But what does it exactly mean we can know when we have Emo in our hands. I hope he is like Cozmo, always busy funny and emotional.