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My guesses would be something like, with bagde/achievement in mind:

Green = real stuff
1: Get to know an outdoor animal
2: Get to know cat pet
3: Get to know dog pet
4: Ask about the wheater
5: Ask about attractions
6: Ask about climate
7: Ask about gardening

Green = actions by emo
8: Get emo to dance
9: Introduce eachother
10: Emo know where he lives
11: Use emo and smartlight together
12: Mute emo
13: Emos first sleepmode
14: 1000(?) objects discovered

Green = Playtime related
15: Play a game together
16: You won a game
17: Emo won a game
18: 100 games played
19: Birthday celebration

Blue = Misc.
20: Play an online game together
21: Get online together
22: Celebrate holiday
23: Take a picture
24: First conversation