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Bayden Lowe

1. get to know an animal
2. meet a cat
3. meet a dog
4. ask about the weather
5. asks about attractions around the world
6. (emo is sick) help emo get better
7. find a plant
8. dance with emo
9. have (insert number here) say hi to emo
10. have emo go home (when the home station is released)
11. make emo use his smart light
12. sing with emo (karaoke)
13. tell emo to sleep and wake you up with an alarm
14. emo interacts/discovers 1000 objects
15. play a game with emo
16. win a game against emo
17. emo wins a game
18. play 100 games
19. celebrate someone’s birthday
20. play an online game
21. connect/use the internet
22. celebrate a holiday
23.take a photo
24. play music with emo