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      Now that the alternative funding route has been identified, it would be really good if would just release the app (as promised on Kickstarter and this website), so we can have a taster before committing to the Pre-order. Obviously it won’t work til we have an Emo in our hands, but it’ll give an idea of UX, how easy to use the app will be, what features can potentially be in it once we have an Emo, etc.
      If nothing else, this will drive more confidence for those naysayers still hanging around here.

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      Kailash Kumar

      That’s a nice idea! Would be great to preview the app and core features / also give feedback on UI.
      Just to clarify – @EMO – we won’t need the app always ON to use EMO, right?

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        Hi, we will release the app after the test is complete.
        Yes you won’t need the app always ON to use EMO.

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        Kailash Kumar

        Thanks for the answer @wayne! Looking forward to EMO!

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