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      Hello everyone, these are some of the badges designed for EMO. What conditions do you think need to be met to obtain them, and what are their names?

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      Hey @Wayne, I’ll give it a try:

      2.png => Recognize a cat
      3.png => Recognize a dog

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        Hey, Andy. Good! Maybe when you introduce your cat to EMO, you and EMO can get this “meow” badge.

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        i even have a cat at home 🙂

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      I think
      4) What’s the weather
      10) go to the home
      11) turn the light on
      12) Emo is ill
      13) go to sleep
      15) play game
      19) Happy birthday day

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      as you promote Emo in japan maybe the 5 could be the earthquake warning system 🙂
      10) low Batterie, returning to Home charging station (when its released)
      13)Sleeping mode
      21) connected to internet

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        Cool idea! The 5 in my mind may be ‘Travel in a dream’

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      Jacob Schultz

      I think all the gold ones are game related. Like 15 is play a game and 16 is win a game. Then the rest could be like win 5 games against EMO and then 10 and so on.

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      Will the Emo Badges add to Google Play Games and Game Center too?

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      oh the leaning tower of pisa 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

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        So 5) might be trying to set EMO falling from the table…

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      Beni Mendez

      These are pretty cool. Here are my guess
      1. Pet Bird Intro
      2. Pet Cat Intro
      3. Pet Dog Intro
      4. Early bird
      5. Travel
      6. Green Challenge
      7. Growth/goal
      8. Reach a Goal
      9. First time on
      10. Home chilling
      11. Saving Energy
      12. Feeling sick
      13. Sleep Reminder
      14. Big Milestone
      15. Gaming
      16. Team Win
      17. Game Win
      18. Reaching 100
      19. Birthday
      20. Games
      21. Check In
      22. Party Music
      23. Photos
      24. Music

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        Greg Howard

        Yeah, I basically thought almost the same things. Except 5 might be to prevent him from falling off the edge (like the leaning tower of pisa)

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        Beni Mendez

        That’s funny for 5, but it works.

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        Good job Beni! We’ll see.

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      Michelle Bindzus

      These are all nice specially for the cat and dog badges…just love it…
      have ordered and so excited to have EMO home here by Sweden

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      are this new updates on the site with

      *long-distance interaction
      * pics of the app

      or didn’t I realize them earlier? 😀

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      My guesses would be something like, with bagde/achievement in mind:

      Green = real stuff
      1: Get to know an outdoor animal
      2: Get to know cat pet
      3: Get to know dog pet
      4: Ask about the wheater
      5: Ask about attractions
      6: Ask about climate
      7: Ask about gardening

      Green = actions by emo
      8: Get emo to dance
      9: Introduce eachother
      10: Emo know where he lives
      11: Use emo and smartlight together
      12: Mute emo
      13: Emos first sleepmode
      14: 1000(?) objects discovered

      Green = Playtime related
      15: Play a game together
      16: You won a game
      17: Emo won a game
      18: 100 games played
      19: Birthday celebration

      Blue = Misc.
      20: Play an online game together
      21: Get online together
      22: Celebrate holiday
      23: Take a picture
      24: First conversation

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      Bayden Lowe

      1. get to know an animal
      2. meet a cat
      3. meet a dog
      4. ask about the weather
      5. asks about attractions around the world
      6. (emo is sick) help emo get better
      7. find a plant
      8. dance with emo
      9. have (insert number here) say hi to emo
      10. have emo go home (when the home station is released)
      11. make emo use his smart light
      12. sing with emo (karaoke)
      13. tell emo to sleep and wake you up with an alarm
      14. emo interacts/discovers 1000 objects
      15. play a game with emo
      16. win a game against emo
      17. emo wins a game
      18. play 100 games
      19. celebrate someone’s birthday
      20. play an online game
      21. connect/use the internet
      22. celebrate a holiday
      23.take a photo
      24. play music with emo

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