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      According to the FAQ:

      1.Can EMO recognize animals?

      Yes! thanks to Emo’s neural network CPU and intellectual self-learning algorithm, we can train EMO to recognize your cat ,dog and objects!

      How does this process work?

      For example do you tell Emo to look for a cat, and then verbally tell it the cat’s name or input the name through software manually? Or do you put Emo infront of the cat and then tell it?

      And does Emo say the pet’s name when Emo sees the pet?

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      Greg Howard

      I agree, I had the same question with People. Does he say your name like Vector does, or just knows who you are?

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      Jacob Schultz

      Im almost positive that if EMO sees a cat or dog, he will just do a happy gesture. He will have happy eyes and make a happy sound. I doubt that he will know names of the pets. But he will in fact say peoples names.

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      I was hoping to get a response here on that.

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