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      Greg Howard

      Hey Everyone!
      Happy New Year (It is kinda late)
      So I was wondering why there were no updates on Emo, and then I realized it was because all of the new updates were on Discord. Now, I have read that there is a person trying Emo out, and I would like to know how we can access those videos. I am kind of upset that this website is dead with updates. Also, what about those that don’t have access to Discord. My device storage is full, so I can’t download the app.
      I have seen an image on a new glow in the dark clothes for Emo, and I am wondering why they don’t have info on this on this website!

      Overall, I am just hoping we can get our Emo and updates on the website itself, as that is where many people would check for info.

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      They are on Twitter Emopet 2020 and Andy👻

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      epic emo fan

      hey guys I just got some info about the mas production on discord the guy that I was talking to said that living.ai is preparing for it and that the mas production is starting in February. so maybe emo might come early march or something.

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        Greg Howard

        Really? That’s great for those of us who hope for emo early!

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        Yes they have been purchasing the needed components needed for EMO production. They will begin very soon

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      Angel Zelaya

      I agree.

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      Emo Fans

      i think emo cannot seliing in the usa only?

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        Bayden Lowe

        emo is selling worldwide everywhere

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      MMGTV UK

      Anyone know the link for the EMO discord?

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        MMGTV UK

        Thank you 🙂

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        Hey! I tried to join but my app doesn’t open up the link and I can’t log in on my desktop. Can you add me? My username is Noodle #7950.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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