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      Greg Howard

      So I was thinking about purchasing Emo, (I still will), but I have a few questions first.
      1. I have read that Emo will eventually be able to go to his charger himself. When will that be released?
      2. I know that Emo can be programmed – is it like Scratch or just like a remote control? Building off of that, will you be able to “see what Emo sees”? (See from his camera)
      3. It would be very helpful if the app is released early, is there a date for when it will be availible for download?
      4. I love Emo and his cute sounds, but can he speak and say words? Can you program him to?
      5. For the voice assistant, can you ask questions like What is the distance between the Sun and Earth? Like those types?

      Thanks everyone, and Happy New Year!


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      Looking forward to some of these answers.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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