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      Satish B.

      Hi there,

      I have pledged amount on Kickstarter. I am not sure what to do with that. Should I be placing another order on the website now? I am not able to take back the money pledged on Kickstarter though. Could you please let me know what is going on? and what I should do?

      Thank you.

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      Tony Compton

      I too am in the same situation. Will you be honoring our kick starter pledges?

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      How to cancel a kickstarter order? I can’t even see EMO or Living AI anymore on my kickstarter. This is getting really silly.

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      Fi fi

      How do you get a coupon code

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      Hi, I also pledge on KS, although I am not too enthusiastic anymore…how does one check the status of their KS? Someone, please let me know…I do not like all of the changes that are been made to this forum either!!

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      Danielle Wallace

      I have still not gotten an email and was one of the first Kickstarter backers. As such, I received no coupon code and already placed an order on their site. I’m not happy about it

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      Alexander Ruhl

      I just made an order, everything worked fine.
      Just saying, using their own webshop is not less safe than using kickstarter, so I totally put my trust in living.ai and go for it.

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      You can cancel Kickstarter oders HERE

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      The real question is are we going to HAVE to buy from here or is this optional for those of us who want an EMO sooner. The email seems to imply its just for people who “want an EMO as soon as possible” and if that is the case I wouldn’t want to cancel my kickstarter order, but on the other hand if this is now going to be the only way to get my EMO then I would for sure order here on this site.

      I just want to find this out from them before I cancel and/or reorder here.

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      Melissa Lim

      Have been waiting for email updates on EMO for so long and only today the email was sent telling us to cancel the kickstarter pledge and reorder with the company directly, with a more costly amount, even with the coupon code. also, if anything, in order to honor the support that was given through kickstarter, it should at the very least be the same amount as pledged on kickstarter. then to find out that there was a unannounced $35 coupon initially and then now “gone” before the email notification. it just feels like there is no honesty and sincerity towards supporters of their product. this is very disappointing.

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      Giosué Ciaravola

      Someone know why when i go to pay, the website say “the card was declined”

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      Bryan U-Vin

      Pretty Disappointed by the Creator (Living.Ai).

      I received both KS message (backer) and subscribed-email (for those who did subscribed for newsletter), both code are different but both are $25 off. Then what’s the point of being an early backer ?! I was one of the earlier backer (in the 1st hour) and still got the same $25 as non-backer. Never received the $35 at all. I would order from their website store if the amount is same as on KS (my pledge at least). But if I am just getting $30 cheaper compared to retail price. I might as well wait till it is ready to be shipped.

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      The price for 2 Emo’s was $ 286 on Kickstarter, shipping included to the Netherlands.
      If I order on this website the price is $ 337, shipping and $ 25 discount included.

      Can you explain this to me??

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      I would wait people seems a bit funny business to me

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      Jomayra Rivera


      I backed the pledge in Kickstarter but when I go to this link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/livingai/emo-the-coolest-ai-desktop-pet-with-personality-and-ideas I can’t cancel the order and I am scheduled to be debited on December 31st. Need help. I would love to have EMO but this is taking longer than what I thought.

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      @#3779 you should open ks on your computer as it doesn’t work if you log in on your mobile device.

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      Not got that message. Still i would wait for the cheaper kickstarter emo hahahaha

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      Solange Lapierre

      I finally receive the email you talk about, but the code still gave me just 25$ discount… Did you try yours and it works ?

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      Remco Groothoff

      I checked It with living.ai, the $35 discount has reached the upper limit, now the code is $25 off

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      Reached the upper limit? 🤔 surely all KS backers should have the option not just a few who get in early.

      I hope Living AI start to post more and update us all more. I get they are busy, but without us all they have no business.

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      Faiza Misran

      Yup I got $25 too and I’m one of their early backers. Shall wait on this. No rush.

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