EMO GO HOME Christmas Set


This set has one more Christmas outfit than the regular EMO GO HOME, and the packaging will be Christmas special edition.

Please note that due to busy logistics, packages cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


Christmas special costumes

The EMO GO HOME Christmas set contains EMO clothing specially designed for Christmas.

Christmas Packaging

This set comes in special Christmas packaging, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift.

Home Station

With advanced AI recognition technology and navigation algorithm, EMO can accurately identify the location of Home Station, and walk home to charge himself.

Dynamic Matrix

The matrix composed of hundreds of LEDs can dynamically display various status icons. EMO can interact with the icons through mesh network. It will be able to do more in future updates.

Home Fence

With the help of EMO’s laser sensors, we have constructed a virtual fence, and the range of EMO’s activity is limited within the fence. EMO is under control!

EMO Go Home

It’s a brand new version. EMO can charge himself, walk in a limited area and play by himeself. You don’t have to worry about his power and safety anymore.