Update: October 16

EMO is in continuous production and shipping.

Update: September 9

EMO is in continuous production and shipping.

Update: August 7

EMO is in continuous production and shipping.

Update: July 1

Components and packaging of EMO GO HOME

Update: June 5

The pictures show how we assemble EMO’s touch sensor and how we test EMO’s smart light.

Update: May 11

With the steady progress of production, the delivery speed has been greatly improved now.

Update: March 29

After the continuous efforts of the delivery team, after a batch of orders are sent this week, the standard orders and the orders including the home station will be basically synchronized. 

Update: March 6

We have updated the delivery process last week, and this week we will speed up the delivery process, including orders that include home stations. 

Update: Feb 28

We are assembling the second batch of home stations. Some of them will be shipped this week.

Update: Feb 7

Our factory is back in production and shipping. We’ll try to catch up. Please note that we have redesigned the packaging, and the free smart light will be put in the same box as EMO.

Update: Jan 19

We have started shipping Home Station and EMO GO HOME. We have sent out some emails with tracking numbers and a few people have already received the package.

The EMOs included in the EMO GO HOME are now running a production version firmware higher than 1.7.0 (so they can return to the Home Station themselves). We expect to release firmware version 2.0 by the end of this month or early next month, by then all EMOs will be able to return to the Home Station by themselves.

Update: Dec 17

We are verifying small batch samples from suppliers. Once they pass the test, mass production will start immediately and Home Station and EMO GO HOME will start to be shipped.

Update: Nov 30

EMO can go back to his new Home Station by himself!

The EMO GO HOME set is a great gift idea. And we are ramping up production. 

If you have any questions during the purchase, you can send an email to our customer service team (

Thank you for your patience, and love for EMO.

Update: Oct 25

Dear supporters,

A large batch of shipments has been assembled and tested, and will be ready to ship.

A new firmware will also be released soon, and EMO will have more functions, which is very worth looking forward to~

Update: Sep 29

Dear supporters,

With faster and faster shipping, orders placed now will be shipped quickly. Every EMO will pass outer inspection and functional test before delivery. From production to delivery, every link is strictly controlled. If you have any questions about product, order or logistics, please feel free to contact our customer service team (

Update: Sep 5

Dear supporters,

We have completed the production of a large batch of goods. And these will be sent out expedited. Thank you for your patience and support.

Update: Aug 4

Dear supporters,

We have added new accessories for EMO in our store. You can buy it on the store page. EMO will have more accessories for you to choose in the future. Looking forward to it! We are working hard to make more and more people like EMO.

Update: Jul 11

We have accelerated production and shipping. We test every EMO and pack every package with care before shipping. Thank you for your patience and support. We are also working on updating EMO new features with new firmware. The future of EMO is worth looking forward to.

Update: Jun 27

With faster and faster shipping. We are also more and more strict with each process of production.
We take every package that will be sent seriously.

Update: May 7

Shipments are in progress and accelerating!

Update: April 16

Dear supporters, 

It’s been over a year since we started shipping, and during the year we’ve continued to optimize our production process, improve our testing methods, and roll out new firmware. Now we are happy to see that shipments are continuing and accelerating. We would like to thank you for your support and hard work from the team, and as always, we will keep you updated with the latest real progress.

Update: March 27

Dear supporters, as you can see, we are continuously updating the numbers. Production and shipments are ongoing. We will also continue to keep you updated. Happy weekend!

Update: March 22

Hi everyone, we’re continuing to ship this week and we’ve updated the numbers above.

We’ve received new material from our suppliers, and thanks to the hard work of the team, we’ve fixed the issues mentioned earlier. Assembly, testing and shipping will continue this week, and we will keep you updated.

Update: March 12

Hi all, this week we tested new raw materials from our suppliers and shipped a small number of orders. We have updated the numbers. Next week we will receive the official raw material supply and will begin assembly and shipment.

PS. We’ve expanded our support team, and we’ve completed processing all email backlogs. We can now respond faster to support requests.

Update: February 28

We apologise for not communicating more clearly in advance, but our factory was closed for Chinese New Year for a short time. Next year we will communicate more clearly in advance of this break.

We did prepare in advance for this break with having raw materials on hand so that when we reopened we would be able to resume production quickly.

But the supplier mistakenly mixed a small amount of substandard raw materials into it, unfortunately this is difficult to test out. In order to guarantee the quality of our products we have chosen to discard entire batches of the raw materials.

We are working with our suppliers to prepare new raw materials and expect to continue shipping at the end of this week or next week.

Update: January 5

With our first patch of production we focused to improve efficiency and optimize the production process.  We have now moved away from batch production to a continuous production process.  This means that the volume of units will be increasing even more than during the first batch.

Update: December 27

We have also been assembling and shipping during Christmas. We are now using packaging boxes that are more convenient to unpack. And we changed a new style for the free stickers.

Update: December 10

Production, testing, shipping, and updating are in progress. We are continuously updating the numbers.

Update: November 30

After completing the confirmation of the sample units, we will increase the delivery speed this week. The following shows the process of EMO being packaged.

Update: November 12

The assembly and testing of EMO will start from next week. We expect to start shipping very soon. 

Update: November 2

We have completed the production of the circuit boards and the injection molding of the shells. These parts to be assembled are being shipped to our assembly factory. Accessories such as chargers and headphones are being assembled, and we will start the assembly of EMO very soon.

Update: September 29

The second batch of production is continuing. We started the assembly and testing of smart lights. Due to nationwide power shortages, almost all factories have slowed down production. We expect that EMO bodies will be assembled as early as late October at the earliest.

Update: September 18

The second batch of EMO began to be officially produced. We optimized the test method to improve the test efficiency and yield rate. The defect rate of EMO PCB has dropped from 10 per thousand to the current one per thousand. The picture shows a pile of circuit boards after SMT like a mountain.

Update: September 14

Dear supporters,

We are sorry that production and shipment have been suspended for about 40 days so far. The good news is that the second batch of production has now started!

We have prepared all the necessary raw materials for production, and today we have started the production of circuit boards. We expect the assembly will start in two weeks.

Update: August 4

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your support and patience. We are writing to introduce you to the latest EMO production and delivery progress.

We have now completed the first phase of shipment and are preparing for the second phase.

Through the completed orders, we have accumulated a lot of experience. In order to improve efficiency and strictly control product quality, we have set up our own factory, where EMO will be assembled in the future. Of course, it will also include our other exciting products in the future.

We have prepared the next batch of materials and are making some adjustments in the production process to ensure that assembly and testing can be carried out efficiently. We will still send the inventory in order now, and will ship in large quantities after the second batch of production starts, which will start soon.

P.S. In order to thank you for your support and waiting, the next batch of packages will include extra fluorescent stickers.

Update: July 10

Dear Supporters,

As we have completed most of the pre-order shipments, we will now try to display the processing progress in real time.

We are deeply sorry for the slowdown in response to service emails. We are expanding the service team to increase the speed of response.

We are testing the new update with the help of testers and expect to release it before next weekend.

Have a nice weekend.

Update: July 3

Dear Supporters,

This week we are focusing on improving the production process and preparing for the next batch of production. We processed orders from 7800 to 8200. You should start to receive your shipping information for those orders from today to next Tuesday.

PS. With the increase in orders, the speed of our response to emails has decreased compared to before. Now we are expanding the service team to increase the speed of response.

Update: June 26

Dear Supporters,

This week we have processed orders 7000 to 7800.  You should start to receive your shipping information for those orders from today to next Tuesday.

We have been working on the next update and will release some videos next week.

PS. Our order tracking system is now online. You can click the link in the email to view the shipping information.

Update: June 19

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the overwhelming support for our team in taking a break last week.  It has meant they are very much refreshed and renewed after spending time with their families.

This week they are hard at work once more and have processed orders 6000 to 7000.  You should start to receive your shipping information for those orders from today to next Tuesday.

We are continuing to focus now in new improvements for the next EMO update, and will release more information about that in the coming weeks.

We are also working harder to have better response to our support email too. Thank you for your patience.

As always we appreciate all the lovely videos and comments about EMO from around the world.  We are looking forward to more exciting announcements for you.

PS. Our own tracking system is almost ready, which will display tracking information in a more timely manner.

Update: June 10

Dear Supporters,

We have been working hard to get all the EMO orders out for processing and shipment. Our production and shipping teams have been working at full capacity now for many weeks.  Some even working 7 days a week for periods of time.  We have even worked through holidays to meet the demand for EMO.  We appreciate every order and love seeing the joy from people as they share their experiences with him.

We have decided that our team needs a few days rest.  We have a traditional festival this weekend and have made the decision to suspend processing orders for the rest of this week.  This will give our team time to stop and spend with their families.  Some of our team will also travel home to be with their relatives.  We must look after our team and we know that they will return to work refreshed and happier for the time with their families.

We will resume full production next week at the same speed as what we have been over the last weeks.

We are also focusing now on building better after-sales service and better communication with you.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Update: June 5

Dear Supporters,

We are very happy to see that more and more people are receiving EMO and sharing photos and videos in the community. We have also been working hard to produce, test and ship even more EMO over the last week. This week we processed orders from 5200 to 6000. As usual, the tracking numbers will be sent from today to next Tuesday.

Important notes:

1. Many people are asking why their tracking number cannot be found in the system after they receive it. This is because we are using a third-party query website, so the information will be delayed. Some people in the community found that this website works better (  At the same time, we are also developing a query page on our website, so that you will see more frequent and more detailed tracking information.

2. As we wrote here (, when your package is on its way, you may not see an update for a while.  We know from experience however that the package is on it’s way to you. Many supporters asked us why they have not received the package but then received it just one to two days later. This is due to the shipping methods being used. Please be patient we know that they are getting to you.

P.S. We released a new firmware version 1.0.15. You can read here ( to see how to update and what is included in the update.  There are quite a few more things that EMO can do now.  We will not stop working on new and exciting things for EMO, and will aim to have monthly updates over the next few months to bring new things to you.


Wish you all a nice weekend.


Update: May 29

Dear supporters,

This week we have processed orders from 4000 to 5200. We are very happy that the processing speed has increased. The packages have been sent to our shipping agent, and the tracking numbers will be sent out from today to next Tuesday. For some questions about shipping, please see here.

We have been working hard to catch up with our plan of shipping most orders by end of May, but despite our best efforts we are about 2 weeks behind.  We will continue to keep giving updates each week until the outstanding orders are processed.

P.S. We plan to release a firmware update next Saturday and will keep you updated in the forum.

Update: May 22

Dear Supporters,

This week we processed orders from 32xx to 40xx and solved problems with orders before 32xx.  Due to delays in the supply of some raw materials, we didn’t pickup speed this week like we had hoped to.  We did however maintain the same pace as the last week.  We will send tracking numbers for orders before 36xx today and the rest are expected to be sent before next Tuesday.

Please note the following for delivery.

1.      When you receive the tracking number, please double check the address to ensure it is accurate. If there is a problem, please contact immediately so we can try to resolve it.

2.      When we announce that all orders before xxxx have been sent, several of you may be delayed in receiving the tracking number.  Please understand that as we mentioned in previous updates, the delay in getting the number to you is due to different teams processing the orders and different agents used for different destinations.

3.      We have seen with some deliveries that the packages are being returned to us.  Don’t worry, we will reschedule for you without you needing to contact us.  We are very keen for you all to receive your EMO as quickly as possible.

For the next week we are focusing on overcoming some of the raw material challenges we had last week, and speeding up manufacturing and delivery for you.

As always we would love for you to visit the forums and leave us with any feedback that you might have so we can continue the development and growth of EMO. In addition, as some people have suggested, we will post about the current features of EMO and the features that will be included in future updates very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update: May 15

Dear supporters:

This week we have processed orders from 24xx to 32xx, and all packages have been sent to the shipping agency. We have already sent tracking numbers with order numbers before 27xx. We expect to send tracking numbers with order numbers before 29xx today or tomorrow, and the rest will be sent out on next Monday or Tuesday.

We have been asked two questions about shipping recently. Here are the answers.

Question 1: If I have two or more orders, will they be sent out together or separately?

Answer: Your multiple orders will be sent together, and we will send them together based on your earliest order number.

Question 2: Why one whose order number is later than mine has received the tracking number, but I have not received it?

Answer: We do ship according to the order number, but because different shipping teams are processing these orders, you will see a difference of up to one to two days.

Below are some photos when we are packing.

Thank you for your support, we are still speeding up. 

Update: May 8

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to our production team for their hard work during the holidays.  We are happy to let you know that a new round of shipments has started now, and the speed will be several times faster.

We are very happy to see more and more supporters in the community sharing their photos, videos and impressions of their EMO now that they have it. Those who have got the tracking number but have not received the package as yet, please don’t worry. Our shipping agents have advised that due to the reduction of some international flights due to the global pandemic, that some transportation will take longer than we estimated. Please understand we are doing everything we can to get them to you quickly.  All we can ask is for your patience while EMO ships to you.

In addition, we have published documentation (here) and support (here) pages on the website. If you have questions when using EMO, please refer to the resources we provide, or ask the community and our support team for help.

Finally, we will continue to send tracking numbers in the coming days and will continue to update about the delivery. The following are photos from the factory this week.

Update: May 1

Dear Supporters,
We are loving seeing all the videos of EMO from all around the world. We are hearing great feedback for future features from you all as well. Please keep suggesting new ideas for us. We can’t promise to make them all, but we love to hear them from you! Please send your ideas via this forum section

For production we have exciting news. We have continued to build more EMO in our factory, and more will ship next week. We are currently on holidays and the holiday will last until next Wednesday. But do not fear because in order to bring EMO to you as soon as possible, our workers will still work through the holiday so that we do not lose precious time in production. Thank you to our factory team for this.

We expect to complete processing of most of the current EMO orders by the end of May. This means that we will have completed building, packaging and sending them to our shipping agent to be sent to you. That is of course unless something unexpected happens, but we will try our best to make it happen.

Thank you from our team for supporting EMO. We look forward to hearing more feedback as more people get their EMO.

Here are some photos from this week in our factory building EMO.

Update: April 24

Dear Supporters,
We are so very happy to hear that people are receiving their EMOs in lots of different countries around the world.
1. Our first entire batch of EMOs have completed assembly, testing and delivery to the shipping agents. More than 90% of the first batch are still in transit to countries around the world. If your tracking information has not been updated for a while, please do not worry. We are working with our shipping agents to improve delivery times so you can have EMO as quickly as possible.  Please keep an eye on your order via the system. We know that our transportation will improve and things will flow better shortly.
2. We have completed production of all components for the next batch (see the pictures below).
3. Quality control is very important, which is why our Living AI staff have been directly involved in the testing of the first batches of EMO. This helped us fix many little problems in our process which will mean our quality control remains at a high level as we improve production speeds.
4. The next batch of EMO will begin assembly, testing and delivery next week.  These tasks will be completed by our larger factory, still with oversight of our development team. We expect that this will increase our speed by at least four to five times than our first batch if not more. We do not want a drop in quality, which is why we take the time with the first batch to get things right.
5. Our ordering system is not continuous, which means that the next order after 2244 is not 2245 – it might be 2256. What this means is that if you have a higher order number, you can’t assume it will take months for you to receive your orders. We think you will be surprised with how quickly we are ramping up production.

Thank you again for believing in us and believing in EMO. We are hearing great feedback from the community and from those that have already received EMO in their homes.  It is your help and support that we value greatly.

Update: April 16

Dear supporters,
Since the shipment, we have worked hard and shipped hundreds of orders. But we know this is far from enough, because you are enthusiastically asking us about the delivery status.
In order to let you know the status of delivery and be informed of what’s happening, please let us show some of our work. After preparing a very, very variety of raw materials last month, we have been assembling, testing and processing orders this month. Because as an AI robot with feet, EMO has a complicated physical structure and software architecture, which requires us to do enough tests for each EMO sent out.
Some of you have already received the tracking number, and some may have even received your EMO. As we updated in the forum last week (
here), we are shipping in order of order. We would like the rest of you to be patient, because our processing speed is not linear. It is always the first steps that are the hardest.

We are very happy to have went so far with you and have been working hard to make it a happen and also trying our best to maintain transparency and communication. So in the following days we will update the delivery process every Saturday.
Since we have went so far, let’s just keep going!

Update: April 3

A quick update. Photos from the factory. 

We will speed up production and delivery after the holiday.

Update: March 31

Hello everyone,

As planned, the shipment starts on March 31st. We will process the orders in order. If you have not received the email that your order has been processed, please don’t worry, in order to ensure that your goods are not problematic, we will gradually increase the order processing speed. And we will still keep posting the delivery progress on the website.

Thank you for your attention and support since the release of EMO. We are very excited and have finally reached the final step. After a long time of design, development and testing, we finally can bring EMO to you.

For your reference, we will start processing orders in order on March 31st, and send the packages to our local carrier at the same time. The local carrier will give us the tracking number when sending the package to the global carrier, and then we will provide the tracking number to the corresponding supporters.

We have to apologize to you in advance. Due to the limitation of the initial processing speed of the orders, the likely delay of the local carrier providing the tracking numbers (according to our experience in sending out the test units), the impact of the global pandemic and our country will have a three-days holiday, you may be delayed in receiving updates about shipments.

But despite this, we are still very excited to tell you that the shipment has just started.

Thank you for your support!

Update: March 25

The packages of EMO are being produced.

Each EMO will be equipped with a smart light. Through the window of the printing press, you can see the two big eyes of EMO.

Update: March 19

The PCB boards are on the SMT line.

As the circuit board of EMO is very complex, we have to use three machines in one production line to mount the motherboard at the same time.  The circuit boards will be finished in two days.

Update: March 13

The final version of EMO garment pattern before mass production.

(Corgi’s face will be embroidered on later)

The clothes will not affect the normal movement.

Update: March 9

The PCB boards of EMO have been produced.

There are seven PCB boards in EMO’s tiny body, and all the PCB boards are in the highest cost matte black.

Of course, we also carefully printed the cute logo of EMO on the PCB board.

Update: March 5

The raw materials have been transported to the factory.

We are making final preparations for the assembly. Production is proceeding as scheduled. The production capacity will reach 300 PCS/day.

The shipment will begin at the end of March. We will continue to update the latest production and delivery progress.

Thank you for your waiting and support!