Delivery process of EMO

Update: April 16

Dear supporters,
Since the shipment, we have worked hard and shipped hundreds of orders. But we know this is far from enough, because you are enthusiastically asking us about the delivery status.
In order to let you know the status of delivery and be informed of what’s happening, please let us show some of our work. After preparing a very, very variety of raw materials last month, we have been assembling, testing and processing orders this month. Because as an AI robot with feet, EMO has a complicated physical structure and software architecture, which requires us to do enough tests for each EMO sent out.
Some of you have already received the tracking number, and some may have even received your EMO. As we updated in the forum last week (
here), we are shipping in order of order. We would like the rest of you to be patient, because our processing speed is not linear. It is always the first steps that are the hardest.

We are very happy to have went so far with you and have been working hard to make it a happen and also trying our best to maintain transparency and communication. So in the following days we will update the delivery process every Saturday.
Since we have went so far, let’s just keep going!

Update: April 3

A quick update. Photos from the factory. 

We will speed up production and delivery after the holiday.

Update: March 31

Hello everyone,

As planned, the shipment starts on March 31st. We will process the orders in order. If you have not received the email that your order has been processed, please don’t worry, in order to ensure that your goods are not problematic, we will gradually increase the order processing speed. And we will still keep posting the delivery progress on the website.

Thank you for your attention and support since the release of EMO. We are very excited and have finally reached the final step. After a long time of design, development and testing, we finally can bring EMO to you.

For your reference, we will start processing orders in order on March 31st, and send the packages to our local carrier at the same time. The local carrier will give us the tracking number when sending the package to the global carrier, and then we will provide the tracking number to the corresponding supporters.

We have to apologize to you in advance. Due to the limitation of the initial processing speed of the orders, the likely delay of the local carrier providing the tracking numbers (according to our experience in sending out the test units), the impact of the global pandemic and our country will have a three-days holiday, you may be delayed in receiving updates about shipments.

But despite this, we are still very excited to tell you that the shipment has just started.

Thank you for your support!

Update: March 25

The packages of EMO are being produced.

Each EMO will be equipped with a smart light. Through the window of the printing press, you can see the two big eyes of EMO.

Update: March 19

The PCB boards are on the SMT line.

As the circuit board of EMO is very complex, we have to use three machines in one production line to mount the motherboard at the same time.  The circuit boards will be finished in two days.

Update: March 13

The final version of EMO garment pattern before mass production.

(Corgi’s face will be embroidered on later)

The clothes will not affect the normal movement.

Update: March 9

The PCB boards of EMO have been produced.

There are seven PCB boards in EMO’s tiny body, and all the PCB boards are in the highest cost matte black.

Of course, we also carefully printed the cute logo of EMO on the PCB board.

Update: March 5

The raw materials have been transported to the factory.

We are making final preparations for the assembly. Production is proceeding as scheduled. The production capacity will reach 300 PCS/day.

The shipment will begin at the end of March. We will continue to update the latest production and delivery progress.

Thank you for your waiting and support!