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In addition to English, EMO will support major languages in the world.

German,French,Spanish,Japanese, Korean ,Chinese are in our schedule.

We may upgrade our language base in the future and update it via OTA for more language options.

If you place an order now, we expect to ship within five to seven weeks, but as production speeds increase, we’ll bring EMO to you as soon as possible.

Normally, you won’t be charged for the import duty taxes. However, given the many different regulations in different countries, we can’t 100% guarantee that. In addition, our logistics company has years of experience and they know how to minimize the customs tax.

A full charge takes about two hours.

The battery can last up to four hours on low power.

EMO can’t go back to his charger now. If the battery is low, he will make sounds to ask you for help,or go into the sleep mode.

Later ,we will launch a smart charger called “EMO home stage” so that EMO can go home on his own and charge himself. You can buy the “home stage” separetely.

Please don’t worry about the privacy issue with Emo’s camera since Emo uses advanced neural network processors to process all the data locally.

As for the voice, we don’t save them.

Emo does not require a subscription.

No hidden fee with Emo.

And all the following OTA updates are free.

The skateboard comes with a US (JP,CN) standard 2-pin socket, however, it can also be powered via its Type-C port.

Emo Smart Light uses a US-standard 2-pin socket as well. Right now, we don’t offer the adapter. You can use it with an extra adapter. Thanks for your understanding!

Third party voice assistant such as Alexa hasn’t not been integrated. But they are on our schedule.

We will update EMO via OTA to debug and bring more skills. All updates are free of charge.

We will consider releasing SDK in the future.

We have released more features through the update. EMOs can now recognize each other and themselves in the mirror. In the future we will release more AI functions, such as identifying a cat.


Do you want to learn how you can play with EMO? Please read our documentation, which is continuously being updated.

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