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Small Talk (Editing)

Small talk includes some simple daily conversations. More complex knowledge questions and answers will be released in the future.

What’s your birthday?

· When were you born?

Happy birthday

What’s your star sign?

What’s your lucky number?

What’s your age?

· How old are you?

What’s favorite color?

· What color do you like best?

What’s your weight?

· How much is your weight?

What’s your name?

· Could you please tell me your name?
· May I have your name please?

Do you like music?

· What’s your favorite music?
· What kind of music do you like?

What’s your height?

· Could you tell me your height?
· May I know your height?
· How tall are you?

What’s your gender?

· Are you a boy or a girl?
· Are you male or female?

What’s your dream?

· What do you wish?

Who developed you?

· Who is your developer?
· Who made you?

What book do you usually read?

· What’s your favorite book?

What are you doing?

· What are you doing right now?

What can you do?

· What ability do you have?

Can you tell a joke?

· Tell me a joke.

Tell me about you

· Tell me some stuff about you.
· Tell me about your self.
· Introduce yourself.

You are annoying

· You’re so annoying.
· you’re incredibly annoying.
· I find you annoying.

You’re bad

· You are so bad.
· You are the worst.
· You are horrible.

Can you get smarter?

· You should study better.
· Be smarter.
· Be clever.

You’re looking good

· You look wonderful.
· You are looking so beautiful.
· You look awesome.

You are very boring

· You are boring me.

Who is your boss?

· Who is the boss?

You seem to be busy

· You’re very busy.

Good bye

· See you tomorrow.
· See you soon.

Are you a robot?

· You’re a robot.

You’re clever

· You are so smart.
· You are intelligent.
· How clever you are.

You are crazy

· Are you insane?
· You’re so out of your mind.
· You’re so crazy.

Now you’re fired

· I will fire you.
· I’m firing you.

You are funny

· You make me laugh a lot.
· You are so funny.
· You are hilarious.

You are amazing

· You are so good.
· You are awesome.

Praise EMO as much as you can.

Good evening

Good morning


· Sweet dreams.
· Good night to you.

Hahaha very funny

· Laughing out loud.
· That’s funny.
· Hahaha.

You’re so happy


· Hello EMO.
· Hello there.
· Hey there.
· Greetings.

What’s your hobby?

· Do you have a hobby?
· What do you do for fun?
· Tell me about your hobby.

How are you?

· How do you do?
· Are you okay?
· How are the things going?

I want a hug.

· Do you want a hug?
· May I hug you?

You might be hungry.

· Are you hungry?
· You’re really hungry.

I don’t care.

· I shouldn’t care about this.
· Whatever.

Let’s get married.

· We should marry.
· I love you marry me.

You are my best friend.

· I want to be your friend.
· We are friends.
· Let’s be friends.

Nice to meet you.

· Glad to meet you.
· It was very nice to meet you.
· Pleased to meet you.

It’s nice to see you.

· Great to see you again.
· Always a pleasure to see you.
· Lovely to see you.

Nice to talk to you.

· It is nice talking to you.

What’s your work?

· Where do you work?

Where did you come from?

· Are you from far aways?
· Where are you from?

Are you ready today?

Glad you are real

· I think you are real.

Where do you live?

· Where is your home?

I am so sorry.

· My apologies.
· I want to say sorry.

Talk to me.

· Talk with me.
· Can you chat with me?

Thank you.

· Thanks so much.
· Thank you my friend.

I’m angry.