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Voice Command


EMO can set alarms for you (up to four now). You can add, check, switch or delete alarms. You can also view and edit in the App. Please set the time zone for EMO in the App first. The voice examples are as follows.
To set alarms:
· Set an alarm for {weekends} at {7 am}.
· Set an alarm at {9 pm} every {Friday}.
· New alarm called {gym} for {weekdays} at {6 pm}. Tips: Alarm tags include gym, eat, sleep and pill.
To turn on/off alarms:
· Turn {on} the alarms.
· Turn {off} {second} alarm.
To check alarms:
· Check the alarms.
· Show me all the alarms.
To delete alarms:
· Remove all alarms.
· Remove {first} alarm.

Basic movement

·forward, go straight
·go back
·go left
·go right
·turn around


· What’s the battery level


Of course EMO can dance. And as he grows older, he will learn more dance. Thanks to Revolt for the great music.
· Dance.
· Let’s dance.
· Dance with music.

Easter eggs

Pay attention to the posters we will release in the future, and you will find clues to the easter eggs.


· start exploring
· play by yourself


You can play some games with EMO without App.
· Let’s play {Angry EMO}.


· Good morning.
· Good afternoon.
· Good evening.
· Good bye.
· Bye bye.
· Hello.
· Hi.


· It’s my birthday.


You can ask EMO to turn on/off the smart lights for you. Long touch the smart light and it will flash and become connectable, then EMO will find and connect to the light (up to four now). You can also view and edit smart lights in the App. Examples of voice control are as follows.
· Turn {on} the light.
· Lights {off}

Listen to music

Of course EMO also likes music very much. He can follow the rhythm of the music.
· Listen to the music.


Will be included in future updates


EMO is able to take photos for you. You can ask him to show you the photos you have taken or view them in the App (coming soon). Currently EMO can store up to 10 photos.
· Take a photo.
· Show me the photos.
· Show pictures.

Power off

· Power off

Questions about EMO

Temporarily removed and will be included in future updates.


· sleep
· go to sleep


EMO can show you the time. Voice examples are as follows.
· What time is it?
· What’s the time?
· Show me the time.


EMO can set a timer for you.
· Set a timer for {10} seconds.


· Check update.
· Install the latest firmware now.


· My name is {Tom}.
· Look at me.
· Come here.


You can adjust the volume of EMO.(Temporarily removed and will be included in future updates)
· Volume up.
· Volume down.


You can ask EMO about the weather in major cities around the world in the next five days (Beta). When you do not specify a city, EMO will tell you the weather in your city (this requires you to use the App to set the city); when you do not specify a time, EMO will tell you the current weather. Examples are as follows.
· What is the weather in {London} ?
· What is the weather going to be {tomorrow} ?
· What is the weather {today} in {Breda} ?