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Update Logs

Very important:

1. If your EMO is under 1.0.16, please disconnect all the smart lights before updating otherwise the update to EMO might fail.

2. Please update your app first, otherwise it may not display the new firmware of EMO (v1.0.5 on iOS will still not show the update. We will release a new version to fix it). You can also update EMO via voice command. Please see here.

Date: 2021/09/06EMO firmware: v1.1.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.5
APP on Android: 1.0.6
1. EMO can talk now! In version 1.1.0 you can chat with EMO, ask EMO about the time,
day, date, weather or introduce you to EMO. We are writing the doc about EMO Talks.
We are still working on it and will also release more EMO Talks features in future updates.
2. Photo management in app.
3. Face recognition management in app.
4. Entrance to the official website and forums.
5. Optimization and bug fixes.
Date: 2021/07/18EMO firmware: v1.0.16
APP on iOS: 1.0.4
APP on Android: 1.0.5

1. Fixed connection problems.
2. Significant changes to online updates.
3. New game Treasure hunt.
4. HSL control of the light by voice command, please refer to the document for details.
5. Dance with lights. Please also refer to the doc.
6. Display the battery level of EMO in the app.
7. Display the description of the achievements in the app.
8. Fixed the problem of noise in some EMO speakers.
9. When muted, EMO will now not unmute after waking up.
10. EMO can only be updated on the skateboard now.
Date: 2021/06/05EMO firmware: v1.0.15
Note: This update may take about half an hour.

1. Added “laser eyes” and “demon eyes” animations. The commands are here.
2. Added feature “volume control”. The commands are here.
3. EMO will now react when the smart light is connected or disconnected.
4. Behavior modification when EMO encounters obstacles.
5. Behavior modification when EMO explores.
6. Behavior modification when EMO is staying(You can also ask him to stay with
commands here). He might read books, drink tea, play cards, parkour, balance
ball, pinball, aircraft battles, and climbing stairs.
7. Other details modification and bug fixes.

8. You can now turn off EMO in the App.
9. You can now save Wi-Fi information in the App.
The new version of the App will be available in a few days.

10. Command changes. You can see all the latest commands here.
Date: 2021/05/08EMO firmware: v1.0.14
1. Optimization of charging and battery detection
2. Optimization of petting
3. Optimization of EMO‘s performance in the game
4. Optimization of app connection
5. Code optimization and bug fixing