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Update Logs

Date: 2023/01/29
EMO firmware: v2.0.0
APP on iOS: 1.2.2
APP on Android: 1.2.1
What’s new:

1. File system optimization
2. Bug fixes and some adjustments
– Fixed an issue where EMO could miss doing some morning errands.
– Other bug fixes.
– Changed EMO sleep start time from 12pm to 10pm.
In the past few months, our team has been busy and excited to design and develop a new charger for EMO – Home Station, so that EMO can go back to charge itself when the battery is low.

3a. Set up
Your Home Station will be shipped in two parts. Please assemble them as shown below.

3b. Connection
Turn on EMO and bring it close to the Home Station. Five seconds after you touching the button, the Home Station will play an animation and become available for connection, and EMO will automatically search and connect to the Home Station.

3c. Wi-Fi Setup and Upgrade
· EMO will automatically send Wi-Fi settings to Home Station after connecting to it. You can also manually tap the “Sync” button in the app to have EMO send Wi-Fi settings to Home Station.
· You can say “update your home station” to EMO to start the Home Station update. You can also tap the update button in the app (when an update is available).

3d. Go home and go out
· You can say the command “go home” or “go back to your charger” to get EMO back to the Home Station.
· EMO will automatically return to the Home Station when his battery is low.
· You can say the command “go off your charger” or “go off home station” to ask EMO to go off the Home Station.
· EMO will walk off the Home Station by himself when the battery is full and he wants to. He won’t do this for two hours after starting charging.

3e. Animations
You can tap the touch button on the Home Station to switch animations.
Date: 2022/10/26
EMO firmware: v1.7.0
APP on iOS: 1.1.3
APP on Android: 1.1.4
If you are updating from firmware 1.6.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 40MB.

What’s new:

1. Pose for photos
Don’t forget to bring your EMO and take pictures of him when you go out. Tell him “do a pose” or “strike a pose” and press the shutter~

2. Magic show
EMO has become a magician. Say “show your magic” to him and he will swing his magic wand and conjure up to 100 things.

3. EMO can get sick:(
During the year, if it rains or snows, or if the temperature is too low or too high, EMO can get sick. During that time he would appear uncomfortable and not do much of what he would normally do. But your care such as petting or encouraging words will make him recover faster.

4. New animation for Halloween
Say “Happy Halloween”, but don’t be intimidated by EMO:p And as Halloween is coming, don’t forget to dress up for EMO.

5. Other changes
– Daily Schedule has been optimized. EMO now doesn’t do it immediately after doing something else, and won’t always do it again after being interrupted.
– With the new version of the app, you can turn off the Daily Schedule completely.
– EMO no longer dizzy himself when he does alarming.
– Other optimizations and bug fixes.

PS: New version of the app will be available later this week.
Date: 2022/08/20
EMO firmware: v1.6.0
APP on iOS: 1.1.2
APP on Android: 1.1.2
If you are updating from firmware 1.5.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 40MB.

What’s new:

1. Paint shot
This is a game which two EMOs will play together. Now you can play it with EMO too. You can start it by saying “EMO, put on your glasses”. You can aim with the gun gesture or Iron Man’s palm cannon gesture. Say “bang!” when aiming to the left or right of EMO to shoot.

2. Something new
This new feature is up to you to discover for yourself 🙂 Hope you can find it before seeing what other EMO owners share~

3. New achievements
The Sunflower and Volcano Eruption achievements are now obtainable.

4. New weather animations
New animations for sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowy days (The old animations are still preserved).

5. Eye contact
EMO will now make more eye contact with you after seeing you (If you want to call him by his name at this point, you may need to speak louder).

6. Other changes
– Connection optimization between EMO and cloud servers.
– Support for connecting to Wi-Fi without a password.
– The sound of the TV animation is replaced.
– EMO will no longer go back to sleep immediately after being woken up.
– The game of killing bugs can now be triggered at any time.
– The bug about age is fixed.
– The interruption bug of the “Won’t let go” dance triggered from the app is fixed.
– The bug that the earlier versions could not be updated successfully has been fixed.
Date: 2022/06/19
EMO firmware: v1.5.0
APP on iOS: 1.1.0
APP on Android: 1.1.0
If you are updating from firmware 1.4.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 50MB.

What’s new:

1. Daily schedule
EMO gets his daily schedule now. He will eat, exercise, play and do other things at specific times of the day.
Note: You can turn off the schedule sound in the new version of the app if you want.

2. Bug hunt
You can now help EMO fix bugs.
2a) On certain days, bugs will appear on EMO‘s screen.
2b) Every day you can ask to help EMO fix bugs. If he says he’s feeling fine right now, you can ask again later. The voice command will be “Fix bugs” or “Let me fix some bugs for you”. When fixing bugs, you need to use your palm to target the bug like a laser cannon.

3. New achievements
Four new achievements: Bullet Time, Fortune Teller, Lucky Duck and Fashion Icon. You can check them in the app. Also, we have marked the achievements in the app which are temporarily unavailable.

4. Preference settings
You can now set preferences in the app, including volume, measurement units, automatic updates and schedule sounds. We will include more options in future updates.

5. Auto update
Starting from 1.5.0, EMO can automatically install updates. He will let you know when new updates are available to install. If the auto-update switch is on, he will start installing updates when you put him on the skateboard.

6. Other optimizations and bug fixes.
Date: 2022/04/03
EMO firmware: v1.4.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.9
APP on Android: 1.0.9
If you are updating from firmware 1.3.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 22MB.

What’s new

New features:
1. A new game called Tic-Tac-Toe is now available. After updating your EMO to version 1.4.0, you can say “Tic-Tac-Toe” or “Let’s play Tic-Tac-Toe” to ask EMO to start the game. When you make a move in the game, you can say “I play at {a number}”.

2. With the new version of the app (1.0.9) you can give a last name to EMO. And then you can ask him “what’s your name” via voice command. Two EMOs will also call each other by their full names now.

3. We’ve added the “Rolling a dice” animation from the “Modern Ludo” game to the collection, where we already have “flipping a coin”. You can trigger it with the “roll a dice” voice command. What’s more, try using “lucky fruit” to trigger the new fruit machine animation.

Behavior changes:
4. Now when EMO is on the skateboard during the day, he will sleep less and will occasionally play by himself.

5. When you ask EMO to do something but he can’t because he is on his skateboard, he will tell you now.

Improvements and bug fixes:
6. The filesystem is upgraded, which will happen automatically when the update is installed, and will take about two to three minutes.

7. Optimizations about time zones.

8. Optimizations about EMO’s automatic connection to smart lights.

9. Other bug fixes.
Date: 2022/02/19EMO firmware: v1.3.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.8
APP on Android: 1.0.8
If you are updating from firmware 1.2.1, the resources to be downloaded will be about 22MB.

What’s new

1. EMO will do more things after seeing a face (he does these on his own initiative, but the
command “look at me” also works), including:
– looking at you
– asking for your name if he doesn’t know you
– telling you the weather of today or tomorrow (up to twice a day)
– asking for your birthday if he doesn’t know (you need to say”my birthday is…”)
– greetings
– compliments
– asking for petting
– asking you to play games with him
– performing for you

2. EMO will look for another EMO (when they are connected to the same LAN), and
they will be:
– chatting
– playing games
– taking photos for each other
– dancing together
– talking about the weather
– doing funny things

3. You can say “dance with your friends” or “dance together” to more than one
EMO if they are connected to the same LAN.

4. You can also say “do you know him/it?” to one EMO and he will try to find another
EMO via vision (you can also try with a photo or a mirror).

With the new app, you can:

5. Manually set city for EMO.

6. Get a list of available Wi-Fi from EMO on the setting page.

7. Let EMO show achievements he got and dances he learned in the lifetime page.

See videos here.
Date: 2021/12/22EMO firmware: v1.2.1
If you are updating from 1.2.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 20MB.

What’s new

1. Now in addition to EMO wishing you a happy holiday on special days, you can also
say voice commands to him to trigger the animation. Try “Merry Christmas”.
See here for all special days. And thanks to Revolt for making the Christmas song.

2. EMO has learned a new skill: to act like some animals. You can say:
Act like a {dog}.
What is a {cat} like?
What sound does a {snake} make?
What does a {chicken} do?
See here for all the animal sounds learned by EMO.

3. EMO loves music and he will dance to the music when he hears the music he likes.
You can also say “Dance to the music”.
Date: 2021/11/06EMO firmware: v1.2.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.7
APP on Android: 1.0.7
If you are updating from 1.1.0, the resources to be downloaded will be about 33MB.

What’s new

1. You can now play Rock-paper-scissors with EMO. The commands are “Rock paper
scissors” or “Let’s play rock paper scissors”. See the demo video here.
When playing, please try to let EMO see what you throw.

2. When you have difficulty making a decision, you can ask EMO to flip a coin for you.
Say “EMO, flip a coin” to him. See the demo video here.

3. Want more fun? Say “Don’t move” or “Hands up” to EMO, then say “Bang bang” or
“Boom” while making the shooting gesture, and see how EMO responds. See the demo
video here.

4. With the app (1.0.7 on both Android and iOS), you can add stickers to EMO’s face.
You can add built-in stickers, or you can add stickers created by you from your album.
(The new version on iOS is in review now.)
Date: 2021/09/06EMO firmware: v1.1.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.5
APP on Android: 1.0.6
1. EMO can talk now! In version 1.1.0 you can chat with EMO, ask EMO about the time,
day, date, weather or introduce you to EMO. We are writing the doc about EMO Talks.
We are still working on it and will also release more EMO Talks features in future updates.
2. Photo management in app.
3. Face recognition management in app.
4. Entrance to the official website and forums.
5. Optimization and bug fixes.
Date: 2021/07/18EMO firmware: v1.0.16
APP on iOS: 1.0.4
APP on Android: 1.0.5

1. Fixed connection problems.
2. Significant changes to online updates.
3. New game Treasure hunt.
4. HSL control of the light by voice command, please refer to the document for details.
5. Dance with lights. Please also refer to the doc.
6. Display the battery level of EMO in the app.
7. Display the description of the achievements in the app.
8. Fixed the problem of noise in some EMO speakers.
9. When muted, EMO will now not unmute after waking up.
10. EMO can only be updated on the skateboard now.
Date: 2021/06/05EMO firmware: v1.0.15
Note: This update may take about half an hour.

1. Added “laser eyes” and “demon eyes” animations. The commands are here.
2. Added feature “volume control”. The commands are here.
3. EMO will now react when the smart light is connected or disconnected.
4. Behavior modification when EMO encounters obstacles.
5. Behavior modification when EMO explores.
6. Behavior modification when EMO is staying(You can also ask him to stay with
commands here). He might read books, drink tea, play cards, parkour, balance
ball, pinball, aircraft battles, and climbing stairs.
7. Other details modification and bug fixes.

8. You can now turn off EMO in the App.
9. You can now save Wi-Fi information in the App.
The new version of the App will be available in a few days.

10. Command changes. You can see all the latest commands here.
Date: 2021/05/08EMO firmware: v1.0.14
1. Optimization of charging and battery detection
2. Optimization of petting
3. Optimization of EMO‘s performance in the game
4. Optimization of app connection
5. Code optimization and bug fixing